The Experience

  • Can you explain how this experience works?
    This is a voice driven experience, designed to enable you to ask questions directly to music legend Nile Rodgers. Once you have entered the experience, you can press the speak button and ask Nile a question. If the answer was recorded from the five hours of content we filmed with him, the system will play that answer or will get as close as it can. If an answer wasn't recorded, Nile will let you know and suggest you ask a different question.
    If you can't think of what to ask, just open up the suggestion questions option and you'll have a selection of three to choose from - invaluable for those harder to find gems!
  • How can I access it?
    The experience has been designed to work on multiple platforms, so as long as you have a browser, you can access the experience on your computer or mobile devices. We have also developed a virtual reality 3d experience which will be available to visit soon!
  • Can I ask anything I want?
    Why not try it out and see? All the answers Nile gives were recorded in response to a wide ranging set of questions about him and his life. If you keep within the boundaries of what you think he is likely to have an answer for, then try it out! If you need help thinking of a question, there are lots of question suggestion on this site as well as a 'suggested question' function within the experience.
  • What if the question I ask hasn't been answered?
    If the answer to a question wasn't recorded, Nile will tell you, and suggest you try asking a different question.
  • Does it work like Siri?
    It is a voice driven experience, so in that sense it is like Siri, or Alexa. When you ask a question, it enters our system and through machine learning algorithms is matched to the closest answer it can source, which is then played. It isn't perfect every time (like Siri!), but it works well, and has the added benefit of a 'suggested questions' function if you can't find the answer you're looking for.
  • The experience isn't working very well on my device. What should I do?
    Because of the nature of the technology, the system can sometimes get confused. If it does struggle to understand your question or to provide a response, the best solution is to restart the experience. Additionally, you are likely to have the best experience if you are on a good internet/wifi connection.

Nile Rodgers

  • Did Nile Rodgers really answer the questions?
    Yes! We worked with Nile and his team to get develop a wide range of questions about his life and work, and then recorded him answering them over two days, resulting in over five hours of amazing stories, insights and opinions.
  • Why did you choose Nile Rodgers?
    Why did we choose the internationally acclaimed mult-grammy winning music legend, who has worked with more music stars than anyone else and has been producing hits for 4 decades? Because he is an amazing interviewee!
  • How many questions are there in the experience?
    Nile has answered over 300 questions for this experience, equating to more than five hours of footage.
  • Is it really a 'conversation'?
    We call it a 'conversational experience' because whilst Nile isn't actually there in the flesh, he is answering the questions you're asking, and telling you stories about his life, just like a real conversation.

About Us

  • Who are you and why did you do this?
    The Forever Project creates one-to-one digital encounters between A-List people and the people who love them. These are in-depth question & answer sessions, using digital projections of real public figures. They can be purchased both online and in arts, sports and leisure venues.
    Our purpose is to create a unique collection of interactive conversational experiences that bring us closer to the icons who inspire us. In a world of growing artificial intelligence, we are using Technology to serve, and to preserve, the best of Humanity.
  • Tell me about your Partners
    In The Room with Nile Rodgers would not have been possible without the help of some incredibly talented partners, including Bright White, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Pollen Studio together with ongoing support from Innovate UK.
  • Is there a VR version?
    We have also created an immersive virtual reality voice driven experience, where you can sit with Nile in virtual space, ask him questions and hear him play. It's an incredibly powerful experience, and will be available to visit at selected venues later this year.
  • Who will you be featuring next?
    We have a number of amazing artists in the pipeline so stay tuned for updates. If you have any suggestions for artists you would like to see In the Room, let us know and we will try our best to make it happen.